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Health and safety at building sites

The construction industry is among the largest in the world. However, it is also among the ones that receive the highest number of injuries reported. The fatalities that occur are almost twice than many of the sectors. The injuries that result are costly to both the individuals and businesses. There is, therefore, the need to enhance the health and safety of building sites.

The safety section deals with ensuring there are no accidents that result from slippery, falling of objects and collapse. Health is enhanced by making sure the workers are not exposed to materials and chemicals that may affect their health now and in the long run. There are several ways to enhance these two key areas. They include;

Proper attire

The workers in the site should have the appropriate attire at all times. These include footwear, helmet, goggles/spectacles and gloves. In addition, reflective devices that make other individuals aware of your presence especially in the dark. Gloves protect the users hands from heat, radiation and hazardous materials. The goggles or spectacles prevent any exposure to the eyes and face.

The helmet protects the head from falling objects or when the user is working at height. Apart from having the helmet, there should be a strap that secures the helmet in place. Finally, footwear should be safety boots or impenetrable shoes that minimize injury in case materials are dropped on the feet or the worker steps on dangerous materials such as nails.

Additional safety equipment that the workers should have depend on the type of work and the environment the work is taking place. These include ear protection for noisy construction, dust masks, waterproof clothing, vests and life preserves when in the water.

Proper lighting

The construction site should be well lit to ensure all people within the area can find their way. It may be through the use of artificial or natural light. It depends on the site situation. Click here to learn more and property and proper lighting

Clear working schedule

A construction site is bound to have many workers since there are a lot of activities to engage in. It is crucial to have a clear plan on how the many employees will engage in the stated activities. Ensure that not all professionals are present at the site at the same time. Apart from having a clear schedule, ensure that all the parties are aware of the plan and stick to it. This ensures that no area is left unmanned minimizing the risk of accidents and managing movement within site.

A plan also facilitates the coordination of activities, and it is easier to monitor in case an area is failing in its mandate. Another important thing is to have a head in charge of the operation on site at all times so that handling any matters that arise is quick.


Regularly educating the staff on the need for safety and the various ways to conduct themselves to keep safe is key. Education may also be on how to improve their skills and adapting to new technologies introduced on the site.

The training process can be through scheduled talks and seminars. Also, the display of instruction material on the location may help individuals who get stuck on doing something. Also advised is enhancing collaboration among the workers to enable them to work and assist each other in the different tasks.

Use of professionals

It is the responsibility of the owner and management such as Karkanja to ensure that the workers employed are qualified for the different jobs. And to ensure their safety from dust and noise. Soundproofing a building can help in this case.  The use of professionals in the field significantly reduces the risk of accidents or injury since they are adequately trained to handle the tasks efficiently. Also, they can handle difficult situations that arise without aggravating the situation.