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Property of the rich and famous

The rich are different and it shows what they look for when house-hunting. Besides being equipped with extensive security systems, the abode needs to have certain features before any self-respecting business tycoon, box-office star or highest-paid athlete will bed down there. A villa Malta has top-end, luxury houses that offer decadence and exclusivity to those with cash to splash. So what are the luxurious amenities the ultra-rich who have everything look for when searching for somewhere to live?

En-suite bathrooms for him and her

It’s not just oak-paneled walk-in wardrobes for him and her that should be attached to the master bedroom. There should also be two en-suite bathrooms for him and her so no one from a wealthy couple had to wait for the other to finish. The wife can pamper and spoil herself as long as she wants while the husband never has to queue and wait around to take a shower or relieve himself. Rain shower heads, spa jets in tubs, radiant-heat flooring, and towel warmers are all staples in both bathrooms.

Top-of-the-line entertainment systems

Over-the-top appliances reflecting the latest trends in technology are required by luxury home buyers. The humongous TVs covering the walls and speakers built into the ceilings can be controlled with a push of a button or the command of a voice. It is already a given that there should be an in-home theatre with a big screen and a first class sound system for playing hundreds of movies and thousands of music tracks stored in one place.

Huge chef’s kitchen

An appliance-lined, commercial-grade kitchen is a top consideration for affluent buyers. It has become a status symbol with its double ovens, multiple refrigerators and dishwashers, six-burner range with a grill that vents outside, and specialty ice maker. Warming drawers that keep food hot, and cabinet-looking refrigerator drawers that keep food cold are popular appliances for affluent buyers who do not even cook. They just hand them over to a personal chef or a hired caterer when entertaining guests.

Expansive outdoors

The kitchen should extend outside with built-in gas grill, fridge for food and drinks, and sink on the patio for entertaining. This al fresco touch ranks high in the upper crust lifestyle which includes large pools with water features such as waterfalls and waterslides, hot tubs, changing cabanas, and even a putting green. Sports courts for basketball, tennis or racquetball add opulence to the outdoor spaces. There is not just one garden but multiple manicured lawns with lavish topiary showing no expense were spared in the landscaping.

Home elevators

For three- and four-story houses, a home elevator has become a must-have to entice high-end buyers. With just the push of a button, the pampered set can be transported from the entry of a home right up to the fourth floor. It is usually enclosed in glass as a showpiece to view the inside of the house while moving furniture, laundry, groceries or luggage in style and comfort. But besides being a status symbol and a conversation piece, a private elevator is an investment in the future as moneyed folks are able to age at home.

Ultra-luxe panic room

Hiding behind a fake bookshelf or door is a panic room that protects the rich and famous from natural disasters to home invasions. This hidden chamber seamlessly blends into the interior of a room making visitors oblivious to it, and can only be entered with a passcode or combination, or thumbprints. It is equipped with infrared surveillance systems, a communication network for alerting authorities, an autonomous air filtration system, a generator, and an escape tunnel.

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